Google 20th Birthday

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Google’s twentieth birthday is that this month, and therefore the once-unassuming programme that grew up to alter the web is celebrating the milestone with a Google Doodle that chronicles a number of the foremost standard search trends of the last 20 years.

The Doodle animates standard search terms in multiple languages, from queries regarding twelvemonth to the interpretation for “love.” however it’s only 1 part of Google’s twentieth birthday back-patting.

In keeping with the “popular searches in history” theme, the corporate has conjointly launched, an internet site dedicated to notable facts from the last twenty years of search trends. Examples: Heath Ledger was the most-searched actor in 2008 (the year of his death), Neymar has been the most-searched player since 2017, and therefore the planet was the most-searched reality television show from 1999 to 2001.

Meanwhile, on its official diarythe corporate has delved into the history of Google Doodles, highlighttwenty notable examples — as well as the primary animated Doodle, that appeared for day in 2000, and noted playable Pac-Man Doodle, that commemorated the game’s thirtieth day in 2010.

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