Importance of education in our life

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Education looks like a train track where human life runs smoothly. Everybody wants to run on this track so that they can reach their destination.

If we gonna talk about this journey so this is not very easy to complete because there are lots of stations where few people stopped their journey
just because of due to financial problem and there are only some people complete their education in this environment if they belong to a strong family.

There are some most important things that belong to education elements.

1 Ornament

Education is the human ornament that improves your personality and skills. This is the only valuable assets that you can show to open to everybody
without any kind of hesitation. And the very most important part of this nobody can steal from you. Noone can damage this property. nobody can keep
this property in the bank account I guess that’s the reason for education is the first priority of the nation.

2 Humanity

if I say personally about the humanity without the education this totally incomplete. Every human wants to learn this to live in this environment and without
the education, you can not understand the value of our outside environment. on this time I guess 80 % people are aware of this most important element
of life. education teaches us how to live? how to work? how to walk? how to eat? how to talk?.

3 language

Education also gives you the knowledge about all types of language that is in the all over the world. an educated person easily can understand the
language of another nation person. if he /she belongs to another nation or country and that is very important for everyone as well.
This will be a good communication medium between one nation to second nation. I think that is the reason
on nation gives first priority to education.

4 career

an educated person can easily prove their self in his while life career. He/she can earn money to full fill his/her life requirement for live in the nation.
They also support nation and country

5 future

every people think about them tomorrow. this is the common question for today like what will gonna happen tomorrow in his life. educated people
learn lots of thing about the market and they invest for future and they also help to their family members and their friend for the good life and for
good nation.

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